Expert Voices: SaaS Growth Trends and Valuations

Perry's Steakhouse & Grille

September 20 | 6-9 pm CT

Hosted by Maxio and Spendflo with Todd Gardner

SaaS Finance Meetup

You won't want to miss this night.

Expert Voices is an invite-only roundtable where the best and brightest minds in the SaaS Finance community meet for meaningful conversation about industry trends and best practices.

As growth slows, SaaS valuations decline, but does slowing growth completely explain the recent contraction in valuations? Is the private market behaving differently than the public market? What are the growth trends behind the headline numbers?

Join us for an evening of community with the best and brightest leaders in the SaaS Finance space. We’ll start with a networking cocktail hour and then have a short presentation from our expert speaker, Todd Gardner, Managing Director of SaaS Advisors Ltd. before opening it up for a live Q&A and group discussion over dinner.

We'll discuss

Slowing growth


6:00 Cocktails and networking

6:45 Keynote and open discussion

7:30 Dinner, dessert, and coffee

Meet the experts.

Todd Gardner

Managing Director, SaaS Advisors, Ltd.

Liz Barton

VP of RevOps, Maxio (previously SaaSOptics and Chargify)

Expert Voices

SaaS Valuations

Join us for an evening of learning and community with the brightest leaders in SaaS Finance.

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Contraction in valuations

Public vs private SaaS growth

Maxio Institute trends data

Todd Gardner is the Managing Director of SaaS Advisors and the founder and former CEO of SaaS Capital. Todd was also a partner in the venture capital firm Blue Chip Venture Company and was a management consultant with Deloitte. Todd has worked with hundreds of SaaS companies across various engagements, including pricing, capital formation, M&A, metrics, valuations, and content marketing. 

Liz Barton is a dynamic, data and results driven operations executive who brings a decade of hands-on experience in the SaaS industry to the Maxio team. She has perfected the art of collaborating and building strong cross-functional relationships, especially within Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Finance to optimize and implement go-to-market operations that will scale as a business grows. She is passionate about building and helping team members hone their skills to realize their full potential.

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Rajiv Ramanan

CRO and co-founder, Spendflo

Rajiv Ramanan is the co-founder and CRO of Spendflo. He previously led and scaled multiple non-linear growth channels at Freshworks (NASDAQ: FRSH). His deep expertise in SaaS, spanning 15 years, has made him a sought-after advisor at many early-stage startups. Today, Rajiv is on a mission to change how SaaS is bought and sold at companies using Spendflo.

Randy Wootton

CEO, Maxio (previously SaaSOptics and Chargify)

Randy Wootton is a GTM executive who has been helping marketing and sales tech companies develop and scale their SaaS capabilities for over 20 years. He currently serves as CEO of Maxio - the leading provider of billing and financial operations solutions for high growth B2B SaaS companies.