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Growth Benchmarks, Valuations, and Rule of 40 in Today's Market

Thursday, October 20th at 1:30 pm EDT


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Every year, SaaS Capital performs the largest, deepest, and most accurate survey of private SaaS companies to deliver annual benchmarks for the ever-changing SaaS market. They collect critical metrics like growth rate, retention rate, and spending from over one thousand private SaaS companies.

The tech sector is facing its biggest downswing in two decades. Your SaaS company will need to make major shifts if you want to continue thriving. On this webinar, we’ll explore how the 2022 SaaS benchmarks should inform your decisions during the downswing.

You'll learn

How to think about growth vs. profit during a recession

What valuations look like during this market

If debt or equity is smarter today

Plus, see how your business compares on:



Net retention

Meet the experts.

Dan Owens

CFO, Maxio (previously SaaSOptics and Chargify)

Rob Belcher

Managing Director, SaaS Capital

See SaaS Capital's annual survey results.

We're sharing the benchmarks you need for better decisions in today's market.

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With experience leading businesses during the Dot Com bust and The Great Recession, Owens and Belcher have first-hand experience keeping businesses alive (and thriving) during difficult economic seasons.